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July 19, 2013
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here we are, this was quite a good stepping stone to get used to coding more, had some kinks at first, and after some frustrations I got it to work.

the colors get slightly messed up in the preview image, so I picked characters it didn't mess up as much. gradient in the bg got a bit pixellated in flash, but not huge deal

no idea why, but the L in cancel at the bottom is made a lot thicker, it's just fine in flash. least I'm glad the only real problem that happened when submitting it to da.

not everyone is in the preview image due to file size limit, plus some of them I drew around the menu so I couldn't take them away from the menu nice enough

for the most part I kept to people's design liberties, so if a character doesn't have a nose in their comic I don't force one on here. though I did add fingers for sky.

roman numerals don't really stand out enough, but it's no big deal.

sorry I had to shrink it down this small, I worked much bigger.

no, this wasn't a sign up event, I chose these nuzlockes, as all these nuzlockes are very much enjoyed by me, are my favorites, and definitely worth the feature.

If you want to read the descriptions better, I have a stash folder I'll add in the comments here with all the different options selected as still deviations and uploaded in HQ

let's have some reasoning behind each feature and go into why I chose these series. they're not really in any particular order on the menu except for velink at 3 because 3 main protagonists, and cross at X because of the X.

I. Shiruba's Soul Silver Nuzlocke: by ~Shiruba-Wakahisa Start here:

this is a special nuzlocke to me, it's one the first ones I started, and it has some very well done characterizations for the pokemon with great variety. Things get intense at times, but it always manages to make me smile and it's a nice light hearted run that sticks to the game plot and has fun along the way with references and witty dialogue. this nuzlocke has by far my favorite rendition of eusine as well.

II. The Burning Sky: by ~Neowths nuzlocke Start here:

I quite enjoy what's done with the plot in this nuzlocke, and lovely backgrounds. the start really has impact, and the pokemon as a trainer is a well done concept here. best Wingull around, and good interactions between the characters. atmosphere tends to be light hearted and enjoyable, making for a pleasant read.

III. JAL by *Velink start here:

Lemme just start off that in drawing this I have developed even more mad respect for velink, her main characters have very distinct and impressive iconic designs, plus wonderful color palettes. Three main characters is quite a good concept, and you balance them quite well in the comic. plot elements flow nicely, and the special effects for moves and the like in this comic are superb. Dialogue is consistent with characterizations, and pokemon each are drawn with unique charms to them.

IV. Soul Silver Nuzlocke Challenge: by *Vulkabit Start here:

An energetic very fun main character, and good use of design liberties for some of the pokemon. Well done fast pacing to the comic, and I quite enjoy how May is characterized. A good touch with the sister, and the humor is well done too and avoids memes. The comic is in spanish as well as english, which is a nice feature for those not familiar with english. the humor is well done too and avoids memes.

V. Kanto: Once Man Fell: by ~AnthemSmiles Start here:

Not too well known, and that's a shame, it's got such a splendid moral gray tone and does some really well done interpretations of the pokemon world. Really enjoy the core concept and though it's a bit shaky art wise at first, give it more of a chance and you'll get sucked into the atmosphere and apocalyptic vibe.

VI. Kit's black 2 nuzlocke: by *kitfox-crimson Start here:

I chose to feature his most recent one, but his nuzlockes connect together, so you're better off starting at the first one, the sapphire one. Got to be honest, Kit's nuzlockes have grown to be my favorites personally overall, superb use of references, well done constantly fresh humor, good destruction of environment, a huge variety of characterizations along the way, and great pacing. Never a dull moment.

VII. Odd Ones: by *VolbeatFiro Start here:

because I'm a terrible person and would dare to feature myself alongside others. But seriously, I'm very much into and enjoying how things in my comic are working out, and so glad I didn't drop it. It's a real delight to be able to go full blast with all these zany ideas and references, and I feel I couldn't this in any comic except one as crazy as odd ones. It's going full steam and there's a lot more really cool ideas on the way, as well as big plot elements. stay tuned.

VIII. Peanut's pokemon white nuzlocke: by *Froodals Start here:

Like kit's nuzlockes, these nuzlockes connect together so I recommend you start at the diamond one. Peanut is a superb main character with believable shortcomings, and you really can feel for her and her lack of battle experience. This nuzlocke has one of the most interesting version of Bianca around, and good use of humor.

IX . First Summer: by =NekoNekoKris Start here:

First summer has a lovely light hearted charm and characterizations, plus very well done art. the dialogue feels quite believable and the relationships are subtle. Excellent avoiding of cliches both meme and nuzlocke wise, and the world feels immensely fleshed out. Consistent tone and good atmosphere. No character is "oh it's this stereotype" or a cookie cutter formula, they all feel believable as characters with mixes of emotions and traits.

X. Soul: by *Loki-Wings Start here:

Some of these nuzlockes on this list were hard to come up with plot synopsis to sound enticing on the menu since they tend to follow the game plot faithfully, but not star, a very strong point of this comic is the fresh well thought out plot and additions. Cross is a strong distinct main character, with both flaws and strengths. the art is very well done and the artistic liberties on the pokemon well used. colors are put to good use to set mood, and great to see the trainers involved in on the action as well.

XI. No Questions Asked: by ~CynicalCuccos Start here:

this nuzlocke started recently, but I already extremely enjoy it, the limbo king concept is so fresh, and the humors quite nice as well. lots of mystery around plot elements and well hidden make this an enticing read. plus, an interesting unique characterization for the rival.

XII. Bad Apples: by ~mewstein Start here:

Far as serious nuzlockes go, Bad Apples is by far my favorite for the consistent dark tones, well thought out world and reactions, plus some truly twisted minds. the art improves and the panels show good variety in angles and poses, you really feel the movement of things. Not for the faint of heart, but a very effective impacting tone that's just so well envisioned into the world and the characters.

XIII. HG nuzlocke : by ~blackwing2s Start here:

Don't let those stick art at the beginning fool you, the art takes an upgrade. Now this nuzlocke has delightful humor and random moments, plus some great plot elements such as the set up of sky's family. by far the biggest cast of pokemon I've seen in a nuzlocke and they all balance out quite well with fresh jokes and variety. It's got a great pacing and it's already in kanto getting the badges after the first e4 battle, so there's a lot to read and enjoy

hope you give these nuzlockes a look and enjoy the art here guys.

velink sorry I made your guys chibi, I had to or they wouldn't fit. I also needed to reword the summary you gave me a bit due to grammar things.
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TheDannyMan Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh. My. God. This is just amazing. I need to start reading some of these 'lockes.
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
heh, good to hear, 1 has sadly vanished with the user deleting their whole gallery but  the rest are intact I believe
Chaos-Finchyay Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
I am at a loss for words that the ONLY word you could come up with to describe Kit's Pokemon as "charming"

though admittidly, they ARE charming, among other things
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm at a loss that you're just completely ignoring the need of word count on these types of things in formatting, If I go on for a ton extra then it takes up more room and i'll have to shrink the font to near unreadable levels. stop for a moment and think about things.

besides, read the description and you'll see Kits one of my favorites overall and I mention more. I included him in the feature here too so it's clear I'm a fan of his stuff,  I don't see why you're bothered that I don't go into extreme details
Chaos-Finchyay Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
I did read that part of the description

Am actually reading YOUR nuzlocke right now, it's a very good read too!
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
good to hear, and oh great glad you like
Chaos-Finchyay Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
You have a Klink on your run don't you?

I had one on my Black Nuzlocke, his name was XY Gearmon and he was my dragon buster until Marshal killed him
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I do, and I see, stuff happens
Gregster101 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
Hey Volbeat, do you think you could add the following characters?
-My protag, Greg, and his Wartortle, Jorb
-Ruby and Nuzleaf from Pokemon Hard Mode
-Kynim and Gohan the Infernape (Gijinka) from Tales of Sinnoh
-Nina and Zach the Samurott (Gijinka) from Myths of Unova
-Ken and Pecks the Fearow from Ken's FireRed Kick@$$ Mode
-ProJared and Nuptup the Vileplume
-NikkyDash and Daryl the Blaziken from Nikky's Ruby Nuzlocke
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hey, an interesting suggestion but I won't be doing more with this concept. you're free to do a feature with these other additions as well on your own though
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