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October 21, 2012


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Odd Ones Contest - OVER

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 21, 2012, 6:16 PM
Contest has concluded


well this is a first, didn't think I'd ever do a contest.

this contest will be design a trainer for the Odd Ones nuzlocke universe. Odd Ones is my nuzlocke comic which you can see here:…

:la: Reason for this contest (skippable, but can help in your entry knowing the reason this contest was whipped up)  :la:

In Odd Ones, Eric won't be the only one gunning for the Elite 4 and collecting badges, I plan on having other trainers going after the same goal, and they'll end up competing with Eric and each other or helping each other out at times depending on the circumstances. The best similarity to what I have in mind are the 11 supernovas in One piece, wide range of character never really met but after same goal and all went through a lot.

I plan on having 5 major trainers including Eric as the Super High Fives, a league of infamous trainers fennel is most worried about and places bounties on.

there's 4 slots to fill, and hey, it'll be more fun to see what you guys come up with for trainers than me to just design them on my own trainers.

looking for zany fun designs, a good blend of different personalities.

but before we get into too much details, let's go over PRIZESSSS!!! get you guys interested

:iconlaplz: PRIZES :iconlaplz:

1st  and place
:bulletblue:15 $ via paypal (no paypal, then you'll get it as DA points)
:bulletblue:6 month premium
:bulletblue:character will be used in Odd Ones

2nd place
:bulletblue: 10$ via paypal (no paypal, then you'll get it as DA points)
:bulletblue: 6 month premium
:bulletblue: character will be used in Odd Ones

3rd place
:bulletblue: 3 month premium
:bulletblue: 300 DA points
:bulletblue: character will be used in Odd Ones

4th place:

:bulletblue: 300 DA points
:bulletblue: Character will be used in Odd Ones

All entrants that finish
:bulletblue: 50 points (awarded when winners are announced)

Favoriting this Journal

:bulletblue: 10 points

Posting a journal of your own linking to this journal with a bit of advertising
:bulletblue: 30 points

JUDGES: :iconvolbeatfiro: :iconkrisantyne: , :iconloki-wings: , :iconleptocyon:

:iconlaplz: RULES :iconlaplz:

Do note that Following the rules correctly does play a factor in the judging, so make sure you format things correctly

1. To enter, design a trainer for the Odd Ones universe. It could be an alternate version of your own nuzlocker, could be a selfsona, whatever you think will work, but I want creative fun character designs.

2. Title your entry in the Following Format : Odd Ones Contest- " ______ the _______ " the first space will be the name, the 2nd space the title.

for example : Odd Ones Contest- Eric the Odd One.

I want the name to be like this, best examples I can think are how Trigun names the Gung Ho Guns mostly…

3. include in the drawing their 1 main pokemon choice (you can include all 6, but only 1 is necessary) , and in the description or on the side list their whole team of up to 6. can be any pokemon from any region. NO MORE than 3 fully evolved though. I will make you fix that if you give them a team all the way evolved. pokemon that don't evolve don't count as fully evolved pokemon just as a heads up

4. if you don't list 6 pokemon in the description and don't mention that he doesn't have a full team in the description I'll assume you didn't read this rule.

5. have fun and be creative, don't just make them standard trainer designs, add some gimmicks to them too, not super powers or anything, just something unique or odd about them. Magician trainer/ samurai trainer, florist trainer, something more than just trainer.

6. You can enter 2 designs. submit 2 designs and get 100 points for entering instead of 50

7. will want a mix of funny and crazy characters.

8. Judging is based more on the character concept itself than the art, so all levels can enter.

9.  UPDATED FOR CLARIFICATION 3/23: include some personality bio in the description, do as much as you feel is needed, just don't go over several paragraphs, I don't want essays, just some substance and fleshing out of the character. Do not relate your character to in comic characters, specific spots in unova, or in game characters (this will hurt your score), I'll come up with that stuff if I need it. if you are unsure if a detail in your bio conflicts with somethign I have planned in the comic, feel free to ask me. otherwise, inlcude specifics if you wish at your own risk

10. Don't drastically change the colors of a pokemon, slight alterations in hue and stuff is totally understandable, but no rainbow sparkle pikachus

:la: NO NOS :la:

1. no gory characters, Odd Ones isn't about gore
2. don't make them too complex, the point of this is to get characters for the comic, I need to be able to draw them.
3. No sexual content
4. must be full body and colored to count. also helps to show different angles if you'd like
5. do not make super elaborate backstories, I'll need some freedom with what I can do with them. just enough to make the character sound interesting and with an intruiging personality
6. Can't enter with literature, sorry, this is a visual art contest, and I can't judge writing on the same basis as art fairly
7. no legendaries
8. Alisa's case in the comic is special, so no, you can't make a pokemon a trainer for your entry
9. don't give the character an extremely long hard to pronounce name. no xyvlesxwelems or such. if you're unsure about a first name, ask me if a name will be alright
10. No anthro or alien species , it doesn't make sense for them to be in the nuzlocke. your character can wear animal ears, tail and such like cosplay or something if you want and feel it's fitting, but no anthro or non human species.
11. no traced/stolen/ or heavily referenced submissions allowed. I'll be able to pick up on it.

DUE DATE:   May 1st! Midnight EST

I've had a  personal hate and history of entering contests  that get cancelled or disappear, so fear NOT, I don't tolerate or enact that nonsense!!! Doesn't matter to me if I don't get as many entries as I'm expecting or whatever, I WILL CONCLUDE THIS CONTEST AND HAND OUT ALL I PROMISE! THAT'S A PROMISE!

so that's that, don't forget you get points for favoriting this journal, and even more points for making a journal of your own linking to and advertising this contest.

any suggestions on how to advertise this contest more would be cool too if you have any ideas


Folder where you can see other entries so far:…

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SlugBurger Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I came back to check over the rules cause I had another idea for another character but I see its over! lol
I cannot wait to see the results!
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
results will be out very soon, it's coming on the 8th around 5 pm EST. you'll know as then you'll get the points for entering around then as well as any other prizes if you won something
SlugBurger Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright thank you :)
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
no problem
ZephyrLightningheart Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
And here is the 2nd design Charlotte the Obsessed
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ah yeah, thanks for making a 2nd entry :la:
ZephyrLightningheart Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
your welcome! Im glad i was able to submit in time. :iconlachoirplz:
ZephyrLightningheart Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
[link] heres a journal ad!
VolbeatFiro Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ah, thank ya :3
ZephyrLightningheart Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
no prob! :)
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